1. Information on the Website

All information in the website is the result of research on the topic. Please ask your doctor before taking any measures recommended on this website. Health Patrol does not claim responsibility for any illnesses, disorders, etc. caused as a result of following information on the website or in the videos, as taking these measures up is a personal choice.

2. Email Policy

All emails sent to the Health Patrol founder’s account may not contain in their text:

  • Vulgar language

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Please attach evidence to the email. The creator will evaluate the information and send you an email as soon as possible.

3. Malware Policy

Malware, including viruses, cannot be sent in the account. If so, the sender will be blocked from the account. Users who have not sent malware but whose accounts have been hacked are kindly requested to re-register their contact information and create a new email account.

4. Privacy Policy

This website will not attempt to use cookies or personal data. It is non-profit. Please notify the founder if it seems that personal data is being used.